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Virtual cinematic release

For known reasons and very ironically, the official cinematic release of "LIVE" took place in a lockdown situation on December 10, 2020.


In cooperation with "Kino on demand"  and  other  popular streaming platforms like itunes, amazon and vimeo, "LIVE" is now available worldwide.

Find the direct links by clicking "watch now" or at our distributor's


Zeit Online, Ines Schipperges,


"in ihrer feinfühligen und präzisen Beschreibung menschlichen Verhaltens während eines Lockdowns beweist Friederich als Drehbuchautorin, warum Filme dann am besten sind, wenn sie in der Fiktion der Wahrheit am nächsten kommen. Wenn die Filmemacherin die psychologische Komponente ihrer Inhalte allein mithilfe von Empathie ergreift und begreift."

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Susan Vahabzadeh, 15.12.2020:

""Live" liegt eine großartige Idee zugrunde, und das perfekte Timing ist ein Wert an sich: Lisa Charlotte Friederich hat auf jeden Fall Gespür dafür, das Unvorstellbare mit der Gegenwart zusammenzubringen."

Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Stefan Müller, 23.4.2020:

"...dass die Besetzung hervorragend ist und die Filmmusik ebenfalls, wird fast zur Nebensache. Nie war ein Science-Fiction-Entwurf näher an der Wirklichkeit."

HR "Hauptsache Kultur", Uli Zimpelmann



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SCRIPTwriter And Director Lisa Charlotte Friederich

DOP Ivàn Robles Mendoza, Tom Keller

Montage Florentine Bruck, Lisa Charlotte Friederich

MusiC Rike Huy, Joosten Ellée

SOUND Ana Monte, Daniel Deboy, DELTA Soundworks

Set Design Maria Anisimowa, Frank Schönwald

Costume Design Tanja Liebermann, Malina Epp

Hair and Make-Up Julia Cosic

Production Manager Anna Pietocha, Aaron Stephan

A |li|ke| Filme Production by

Rike Huy und Lisa Charlotte Friederich



LIVE is a music-science-fiction-film set in the near future. Public gatherings of any kind are forbidden due to the highly increased risk of terrorist attacks. No more bars, supermarkets, theater - all public and cultural life has stopped. Concerts are played without audiences and broadcast via live-steam. The people are forced to live in isolation.

Drawn by the desire for actual contact with other people, Claire (Karoline Marie Reinke), takes action by planning a secret concert together with her brother Aurel (Anton Spieker), a famous trumpet player who has only performed in front of virtual audiences for years.

Despite all odds, their plan is successful thanks to the help of the two hackers Ada (Sonja Dengler) and Maximus (Corbinian Deller). When the siblings’ mother (Ulrike Knospe) appears shortly after, Claire is forced to start out on a painful journey meeting aber ultimate opponent: herself.

LIVE is about music.

LIVE speaks of the human need to come together.

LIVE is every day.

Making-Of LIVE

Sponsoring & Support


Das Filmprojekt LIVE wurde ausgezeichnet durch „kulturMut“ – der Crowdfunding-Initiative von Aventis Foundation und Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain


Thomas Helfrich, Brassservice André Henze, Marian Jay, Boris del Bagno, Daniel Lommatzsch, Sonja Knobloch, Thomas Huy, Ekaterina Koslowsky, Josefine Lauer, Josef Schnaak, Daniela Shemer, Sebastian Brummer, Regine Knobloch, Claire Weiss, Lene Stampa, Fiona Weber, Manuel, Ellen Huy, Johann-Kasimir Reincke, Sascha Kölzow, Jens Augspurger, Daniel Edelhoff, Tanja Liebermann, Georg Bertram, Matthes Günther, Michael Nündel, Dr. Dagmar Reinke-Ziemssen, Kateryna Kasper, Anne Heinemann, Klaus Greis, Lora Maria Tilia Behnke, Swantje Behnke, Tillmann Benjamin Friederich, Michal Kardasinski, Sibylla Harbach, Alma Harbach, Lydia Harbach, Magdalena Harbach, Simon Friederich, Andrea Harbarch, Jürgen Kirner, Klaus Reiter-Vock, Jens-Torsten Quast, Cecilia Amann, Sabine Huy, Matthias Faulhaber, Vera Knobloch-Weber, Nina Eikens, Nicola Vock, Lucia Knopf, Heidi Bender, Jürgen Bender, Irmgard Manno-Kortz, Philipp Reinke, Benedikt Fait, Barbara Tarnow, Luise Huy, Norbert Riedl, Thomas Schwarz, Anselm Friederich, Severin Schwieger, Marina Karlheim, Helena Näher, Michael Hoppe, Juliane Färber, Klaus-Dieter Weber, Irina Leibenzon, Sabine Drescher-Dietrich, Thomas Doc Brandenburg, Christof Berns, Friederike Hecker, Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Weber, Karina Haas, Valentin Garvie, Jana Kolsch, Olaf Scharpf, Volker und Silvia Schöneberg, Dirk Michael Boche, Dagmar Hinnenkamp, Prof. Greta Olson, Nina Harari, Aleksander Hadjiev, Deborah Hellmann, Götz Hoffmann, Barbara Chap, David Häuser, Kirsten Moritz, Jana Herold, Delphine Roche, Thomas Krebeck, Dominik Lorenz, Eggert Blum, Helgi Guntherson, Mara Cambiaghi, Bettina Siempelkamp, Johanna Moritz, Norbert Henkel, Hartmut Heinemann, Angela Heinemann, Helena Mohr, Julia Brundiers, Sarah Boeltzig, Johannes Berger, Meike Heinemann, Sarah Kempin, Kathrin Aebischer, Roland Wörner, Martin Gierden, Simon Greis, Sarah Wortmann, Sonja Risse, Alina Laucke, Jeremias König

about like


© UCM.ONE / David Stichling


Nobody intended to produce a film.

We had a story we wanted to tell. With a lot of music and a few friends. Everything was triggered by a grant from the Baden-Württemberg Art Foundation, which Lisa had won. A little bit of money that made something possible that otherwise wouldn't have been possible. Our lives as musicians and actresses had begun to change: The attacks in Paris on the Bataclan concert and a music festival in Nuremberg, which was canceled due to a terror warning, put a fundamental question mark on our everyday lives. Would there still be concerts and theater? Cinemas? Christmas markets? Supermarkets?

We assumed so.

And it quickly turned out that without production there would be no story. So we founded | li | ke | Films (Lisa and Rike) and started funding. We were able to win numerous sponsors, supporters and other grants for the project. Finally, we were supported in post-production by MFG Baden-Württemberg - the small project with a few friends had already turned into a fully edited feature-length film. In addition to material sponsorship and grants, the work on LIVE lived off the people we met on the way: the actors and our team behind the camera and in post-production. To tell a science fiction film with a lot of music on a slim budget and a small number of days of shooting required creative solutions, quick decisions, accuracy and passion for the cause from everyone involved, both in production and in post-production. We are very happy and grateful that we found these people to produce LIVE with them.

live preview letzte version.jpg

Director's Note

in these days, we are shown how fragile our lives are by the Corona-pandemic. Theaters and schools are closed, concerts are performed in front of empty rows and can be streamed live on your private computer.

Never ever had it been imaginable for us, that only a few weeks after the premier of our film "LIVE" we would see come true what we had designed as a dystopian science-fiction setting for our film.

I’ve written the script in the summer of 2016 when a first series of terrorist attacks hit Germany. It wasn’t a virus at the time that shattered the public life deeply, but the destructive rage of the offended, disappointed ones, deprived of respect and without a perspective for themselves. Those attacks by religious fanatics, from the extreme right and the extreme left have in the meantime become part of our society.

I developed the setting of "LIVE" with the musician Rike Huy. Reading the signs of this summer, we designed a speculative fiction similar to our world under reinforced conditions.

Coming from a theater background, there is nothing more beautiful to me than a group of people gathering in a darkened room in order to experience something new about themselves. It’s the same thing in theaters, cinemas and concerts. "LIVE" is about the human need to come together.

To make it clear: Our film must not be misunderstood as a call to unreasonable gatherings.  We endorse the measures taken by our government to flatten the curve. Please stay at home in order to slow down the spread of the virus.

As performers and storytellers we will do our best to keep up with our fellow humans’ hunger for stories, texts, films and music - from a distance.

Stay safe, appreciate each other and dive into the things that are within reach.


Lisa Charlotte Friederich

© UCM.ONE / David Stichling

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